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What is included in your free test?

With our free test, you get access to our dashboard where you can set up an initial campaign and utilize AI to craft your brief. This brief is then forwarded to suitable creators. You'll be able to view all creators who are ready to work and agree with the financial terms. Payment is required only if you decide to proceed with a specific creator for a video. Contact us, and we'll reach out to grant you dashboard access.

Do I need to negotiate and handle payment directly with the creator?

Not at all. To avoid the complexities and potential friction of negotiation and payment, we manage everything for you. We offer a set price per video, which is highly competitive. Through our dedicated creator app, we handle all aspects including sourcing, contracting, reminders, feedback, invoicing, payment, issue resolution, and providing promo codes, among others.

How much does each video cost?

We operate on a fixed-price model for each video, regardless of the number of followers the creator has. The cost varies based on your monthly volume and industry vertical, ranging between $60 to $700 USD per video. For more detailed information, please contact us.

Do you offer pricing based on ad performance?

No, we don't. We concentrate on delivering top-notch creatives, leaving the media spend and campaign management to you or your agency. As a result, we don't have access to your campaign's performance, making it challenging to adopt a performance-based pricing model. However, our cost per video is competitively low, allowing for broad-scale testing. Historically, for advanced projects with a proven track record, there's typically over a 90% likelihood of acquiring a top-performing ad after procuring 10 videos from us, and a 99% chance after obtaining 50 videos.

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"Ramdam delivers 200+ TikTok Spark ads/month, making SwipeWipe a category hit. A game-changer in global marketing. Value is undeniable."

Thomas Pereira
Lead Creators Manager, MWM

"Ramdam expanded our user base globally with top-quality creatives. They're an indispensable growth partner launching us in new countries."

Arnaud de Saint Exupéry
Head of International Growth, WeWard

"Ramdam's creatives garnered 15M+ views, supercharging our TikTok campaigns in the US, UK, France & Germany. Affordable & unparalleled."

Jodie Renassia
Head of Growth, Wizz (Voodoo)

"Ramdam knows how to tailor its services to meet the needs of its clients. The creatives are well-aligned with our brand and also perform effectively in our ad campaigns. They are a reliable partner for quality and results."

Lisa Marrec
Marketing Manager, Meetic (Match Group)

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