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Snapshots of our work

A short gameplay screencast

Block Jam 3D (Voodoo)

An impactful hook followed by immediate gameplay—a winning formula for a stellar gaming ad.

A short gameplay screencast

Kerastase (L’Oréal)

Sophie's expertly filmed Kerastase video has hit nearly 8 million views!

Check out the post

A short gameplay screencast

Meetic (Match Group)

A hilarious Meetic promo video with 7M views !

Check out the post here

streamlined flow

How it works

Streamline Your Creator Ad Campaigns in 4 Easy Steps

Quick Launch

Set campaign criteria and let AI craft your brief in minutes

Creator Match

Receive applications from ready-to-work creators eager to engage

Handpick Talent

Choose the perfect creators based on stats, profile, and fit

Approve & Boost

Approve videos; creators post and supply ad codes. You're ready for ad campaigns 🚀


AI-Powered Briefs

Input details, get a tailored creator brief crafted by AI. Edit to perfect 😎

Happy customers

Clients’ Love

Happy comments from Ramdam's customers all over the 🌍.

"Ramdam delivers 200+ TikTok Spark ads/month, making SwipeWipe a category hit. A game-changer in global marketing. Value is undeniable."

Thomas Pereira
Lead Creators Manager, MWM

"Ramdam expanded our user base globally with top-quality creatives. They're an indispensable growth partner launching us in new countries."

Arnaud de Saint Exupéry
Head of International Growth, WeWard

"Ramdam's creatives garnered 15M+ views, supercharging our TikTok campaigns in the US, UK, France & Germany. Affordable & unparalleled."

Jodie Renassia
Head of Growth, Wizz (Voodoo)

"Ramdam knows how to tailor its services to meet the needs of its clients. The creatives are well-aligned with our brand and also perform effectively in our ad campaigns."

Lisa Marrec
Marketing Manager, Meetic (Match Group)

One Platform, Many Uses

Unleash the Power of Ramdam Across Different Use Cases


App Installs

Turbocharge paid acquisition with top creator ads.



Game's about mass-testing creatives on a budget. Check our special gaming offer for top content.


eCommerce Boost

Boost ROI with customized, engaging creatives and built-in shipping or promo codes.


Product Launch

Create a buzz with hundreds of posts from top creators.


Agency Solutions

Quick, multi-lingual content to exceed client expectations.


Event Impact

Top creators bring buzz and engagement to your event.


Frequently asked questions

Unleash the Power of Ramdam Across Different Use Cases

Do authentic creators publicly post videos with a substantial number of followers?

Absolutely! We source videos from micro-influencers on TikTok and Instagram who have, on average, 200K followers. Every piece of content is shared publicly on their profiles, fostering organic traffic. More notably, the act of them posting lends authenticity to the content, making it generally outshine typical UGC content that isn't shared publicly.

Can I use these videos for advertising across platforms like Meta, TikTok, and Google?

Certainly! Once a video is uploaded, you receive the source file that grants you a one-year ad usage across all advertising platforms. Additionally, you'll obtain the TikTok Spark Code and Instagram ad code, enabling you to promote the creator's content. This approach often yields ads that feel more organic and typically perform better.

Where are your creators based? Can you cater to specific niche markets or smaller countries?

Absolutely, that's one of our core strengths. Our platform boasts millions of creators spanning all five continents. Leveraging our unique hashtag clustering method, we can pinpoint any niche you're interested in. For instance, a client once requested creators from the Ghanaian community in London, and we successfully connected them with 50 top-tier creators that fit the bill.

Do I need to negotiate and handle payment directly with the creator?

Unlike typical creator marketplaces where you approach and negotiate with creators, at Ramdam, we streamline the process for efficiency. Once we validate your brief, we forward it along with a fixed fee to thousands of suitable creators. You're presented only with those ready to proceed, ensuring a more than 80% completion rate. Our competitive set price per video eliminates negotiation hassles. We handle all logistics, from sourcing to payment, through our specialized creator app, saving you time and effort.

How long is the delivery time for the video, and can I request changes?

After you choose a creator, they're given a maximum of 5 days to submit the video. If they don't, the agreement is voided. We send daily reminders and prioritize reliable creators to ensure you typically receive the video in under 5 days. Post-delivery, you have the right to request 2 revisions, with creators having 3 days to provide the updated versions.

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