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How a Single TikTok Ad Propelled Swipewipe App into the Top 10 App Store Charts in 15 Countries

February 28, 2024

‍Swipewipe, a user-friendly photo decluttering app developed by our client MWM, achieved remarkable success via a strategic TikTok ad campaign. The turning point? A unique ad by TikToker Madison, amplified by a post sponsoring ("spark ad"). After 19 attempts, this particular ad emerged as the winner, drastically reducing the Cost Per Install (CPI).

Outcomes in 3 Months

  • 500K Monthly Active Users.
  • Top 10 App Store rankings in 15 countries
  • 75x growth in revenue



So, why did this ad outshine others?

To be honest, we wouldn't have put any money on this ad, as it seemed quite ordinary. There were many other ads out there that appeared more creative, humorous, and better produced. Yet, this one outperformed them all.

Madison's ad had the trifecta for a successful creator ad:

Immediate Hook

The simple phrase, "POV: you found an app that helps clean out your camera roll", accompanied by blue Converse shoes, instantly connected with viewers. Why? Well, it just worked.

But there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to devising an effective hook.
The client tried to recreate a similar video with the same hook as Madison's, even using the same creator, it didn't mirror the success.


Original vs duplicated ad



From our experience, while the hook doesn't necessarily need to be overly inventive or comedic, being straightforward tends to yield better results. This principle holds true universally. For instance, consider the successful SwipWipe ads from various countries: they typically present a problem for 3 seconds to 10 seconds max, then offer a simple solution.


🇩🇪 🇪🇸 🇫🇷 Swipewipe sucessfull hooks


Prompt App Demonstration

Swiftly following the hook, Madison showcased Swipewipe in action, underlining its problem-solving capabilities. This combination of problem-and-solution in a short span creates a compelling narrative for the viewer.


Problem (3sec hook) 👉 Solution (product in action)


When we refer to "demonstrating the app in action," it could mean a full-screen broadcast of the app, with or without someone overlaid on the screen, or even someone recording themselves using the app on their iPhone. See examples below.

Use cases of demoing the app in action

In terms of video length, there's no strict blueprint. Some ads are brief and impactful, clocking in at just 4 seconds, while others, like this TikTok video, span up to 40 seconds. However, most find their sweet spot within the 20 to 30-second range. The optimal length also depends on the app's nature.

Is it necessary to showcase the app in action?
Not necessarily. Swipewipe is a prime example where showing precisely how the app addresses an issue (cleaning photos on one's iPhone) is essential. However, we've seen other cases, like GenZers social networks, where a mere 4-second hook can generate millions of views and hundreds of thousands of installations. See this example for Wizz (20M+ views)


Authentic Public Sharing

Madison flawlessly demonstrated how Swipewipe enriched her life. Clear, direct, effective.

1 - She clearly used the app to clean her iPhone.

2 - Her content fits her usual style, and her audience liked it, shown by good comments and high engagement. This positive response likely boosts the post's reach.

comments on Madison's ad

Every powerful ad has a real story of how a product solves a problem. Real stories are more impactful than scripted ones. Creators should stay true to their unique style, which made them popular. They need a loyal audience and should post ads that fit their style. If they're known for street interviews or singing unboxings, they should use that in their ads.

Provide a premium access:
Ensure the creator thoroughly tests the app, including its premium features. When collaborating with influencers, it's essential they have access to and understand the advanced features of your app. While it can be challenging and time-consuming to set this up, it's crucial for the best representation. Moreover, avoid giving pre-recorded screencasts. All screencasts should be made live by the creator for authenticity. To streamline this process for each creator, at Ramdam, we've made it easier for app developers to offer access through Testflight, promo codes, or simple account upgrades.

Is creativity essential? ‍

‍Not really. While creative content can be exciting, it doesn't always perform better than simpler content. Clients might love the creativity, but for results, it's not always the best choice. For example, this top creative piece for Swipewipe had great elements but did better organically than as an ad. (put the sound on for this one!)

@themscotts ✨WOMAN YOU BETTA 🫨😠😮‍💨😤🤭🤣🤣🙄✨#swipewipe #couplecomedy ♬ original sound - SCOTTLAND


To succeed:
1 - Give creators a clear but flexible brief.
2 - Set clear DO's and DONT's, like not mentioning competitors.

We at Ramdam have an AI tool for creating briefs; give it a try, it's free. Here is an example of brief we did for ourselves.

Lastly, always test your content. Often, content clients initially dislike becomes the top-performing. So, keep an open mind and give every piece a chance.


For a higher chance of reaching the App Store's top charts, remember these guidelines:

  1. Partner with creators having a sizable following (at least 10K).
  2. Ensure creators thoroughly test the app including its premium features
  3. Don't force scripts on creators; let their authenticity shine.
  4. Include an attention-grabbing hook within the first 3-10 seconds.
  5. Display the app in action immediately after the hook.
  6. Aim for an ad duration of 15-30 seconds.
  7. Ensure content is posted publicly. Enhance its reach with spark ads (TikTok) or Instagram ads.

However, there's no certain formula for success. Boost your chances by testing 20-50 public creatives and adopting an efficient selection process. At Ramdam, we specialize in this. Contact us for a free trial!



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