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Tiktok Trends 2024

April 17, 2024

Introducing "TikTok Trends 2024" – your source for staying ahead of the game on the latest TikTok crazes!

TikTok trends move fast, and if you're not quick, you'll miss out. But let's be real, keeping up with TikTok trends can be a hassle. That's where we come in.
Each week, we'll keep you updated on what's hot on TikTok (by spending way too much time scrolling). From trending hashtags to popular sounds and formats, we've got you covered!

Please note:

  • Currently, our focus is primarily on TikTok, but we're exploring other networks. It's worth testing these trends across all platforms to see what resonates best with your audience.
  • Trends are generally very short, which may concern you about not mentioning the product enough. However, the mistake would be to tack on promotional elements after the video. It's crucial that the video stays true to the trend, lasts only a few seconds, and captures the essence of the need your service addresses in a brief timeframe.
  • Not all trends will be suitable for every brand. It will be up to you to choose the ones that seem most relevant to your message and goals.

15 April 2024

Dramatic Of A Change

JoJo Siwa's recent interview with Billboard sparked a trending audio clip on TikTok. In the interview, she discussed her transition from a child star to an adult artist, claiming to be the first in her generation to make such a dramatic change. TikTok creators have since used JoJo's quote sarcastically, highlighting minuscule or non-original changes they've made in their own lives.

In this trend, creators a situation where they thought they were being incredibly innovative or original, doing something that nobody else had ever done before. The goal is to create a funny and relatable scenario that highlights the absurdity of thinking you're a trailblazer in a situation where many others have likely experienced the same thing.

For this trend, use this sound.


“you know they’re permanent right?”

♬ original sound - Sugg.ting

My Life Was Black and White

Creators are shaking up TikTok by posting videos or photo carousels with a solo black-and-white shot, then reveal a vibrant color photo featuring someone special who's brought color into their life. But here's the twist: some creators are flipping the script, swapping out the person for something they love dearly (often with a comedic twist), adding an extra layer of fun to the trend.

For this trend, use this sound.

8 April 2024

Show it to Me Rachel

Back in 2022, TikTok user Rachel, known as @cryinglawyer, pulled a hilarious prank on her mom. She pretended to stumble upon a news article claiming that Jesus was spotted in Ohio. The video caught her mom's instant belief, leading to a funny exchange where she desperately asked Rachel for the link. Although the video has made its rounds on social media before, it recently blew up on TikTok. Now, creators are taking a snippet from the clip, lip-syncing to the audio while urgently requesting to see something they're dying to witness—like photos of a hot new celebrity couple or juicy gossip screenshots.

For this trend, use this sound.


im a hater before anything else 😭

♬ original sound - Colby

Parasites In Me

Tiffany Haddish is legendary for her interviews, and she brings that same charm to the 2023 Disney movie "Haunted Mansion." In the film, she plays a New Orleans spiritual psychic, getting in touch with her inner spirits and demons. During the press junket for the movie, Tiffany and her co-star Jamie Lee Curtis explore their spiritual sides in interviews. In one memorable moment, Tiffany talks about her inner "parasite" craving guilty pleasures like candy and liquor. This clip was edited for TikTok, sparking a trend where creators share their own guilty pleasures.

For this trend, use this sound.

1st April 2024

Let's Fight


Rustyns little dancey🥹 also i think rustyn would be an amazing big brother

♬ Blue Monday - Extended Mix - Above & Beyond

TikTok creators have adopted New Order's "Blue Monday" song to fuel a humorous trend. In this trend, two individuals engage in a synchronized mock fight over a silly argument or funny situation, perfectly timed to the song's rhythm. They pretend to throw punches at each other for every little disagreement. It's all in good fun!

For this trend, use this sound.


And I can’t even send her this (or tag her)

♬ Blue Monday - Extended Mix - Above & Beyond

Going Insane

@timmyst.jean end up eating a 3 course meal trying to satisfy the sweet treat cravings #sweettreats #spongebob ♬ original sound - Cheyann😍

Feeling a bit overwhelmed lately? Need to vent some frustration? Well, you might want to hop on this trend! It all started with a Spongebob Squarepants episode called "Earworm", where Spongebob's constant singing drives him nuts. TikTok users have jumped on board the 'Going Insane' trend, using the audio from that episode to share their own moments of feeling like they're losing it.

For this trend, use this sound.

Help, Help!

Creators are sharing videos of themselves dramatically lip-syncing "help, help!", depicting attempts to escape a room (by pulling at the door) while adding a humorous text overlay describing a situation they wouldn't want to be trapped in.

For this trend, use this sound.

25 March 2024

Just Trust Me You'll Be Fine

The sound "End of Beginning" by DJO, featuring an uplifting message assuring that everything will eventually work out, has sparked a new trend on TikTok. Creators are utilizing it in two distinct ways: in one variation, they begin by showcasing themselves during a challenging moment, followed by a montage illustrating how things have improved. In the other, creators lip-sync to the phrase "just trust me you'll be fine," overlaying relatably tough situations with text to convey resilience.

For this trend, use this sound.

Hello Sharks

@maaaddsssssss its a simple yet fair request. lets make a deal. 🫱🏼‍🫲🏽🫱🏼‍🫲🏽 #sharktank #shark #corporategirlies #girlythings @Barbara Corcoran @Mark Cuban @Daymond John @Mr. Wonderful @Lori Greiner @Robert Herjavec ♬ original sound - tiktokcontent

TikTok creators are adopting the audio signature of Shark Tank, a popular reality show where entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to potential investors, to create their own mock pitches. These pitches typically request something trivial and inexpensive or ironic, such as a small treat. Serving as a commentary on the current economic situation, this joke has resonated widely due to its relatability, with the sound clip inspiring 15,000 videos in just three days.

For this trend, use this sound.

Call Me Mother

@nurse.johnn Well we can figure it out together, if someone ever code we can search tiktok what to do, also anybody got a song we can pump the heart back to the beat? Like nicki minaj or something. #nursejohnn #nurselife #nursesoftiktok #nursehumor #nursetok #nurseproblems #nursing #nursingstudent #nursingschool #healthcareworker #healthcarehumor #hospitallife #hospitaltiktoks #medicalhumor #medicaltiktok #fyp #foryou ♬ Call Me Mother - RuPaul

Although the song "Call Me Mother" by drag queen icon RuPaul has been present on TikTok since its release, a recent trend has emerged in the past few months. Creators are now dancing in a 'vogue style' reminiscent of drag queens, aligning with the song's origins. TikTokers are using a snippet of the track to narrate moments when they've found themselves in a maternal role in a room, whether through experience, seniority, or being accidentally called 'Mom.'

For this trend, use this sound.

18 March 2024

Boy Bye

Ariana Grande recently dropped her new album, "Eternal Sunshine" featuring deeply personal tracks that touch upon her public romantic relationships. The album has become a major talking point on TikTok and the one song, in particular, has sparked a trend: "Bye." Due to contractual issues with Universal Music Group (Ariana's label), creators are unable to use the actual songs from her album on TikTok. However, a user uploaded a sped-up clip of the song, exploiting a loophole in the current copyright policy. TikTok users are embracing this altered version of the song as the anthem for bidding farewell to something or someone and gleefully making their exit.

For this trend, use this sound.

11 March 2024

How Life Feels

@lunnden as soon as i close that laptop i know everything’s gonna be ok #college ♬ original sound - Bella ࿔

You may have seen similar TikTok trends before, celebrating moments of realization that make life feel worthwhile. This version uses a nostalgic early 2000s track, "Built This Way" by Samantha Ronson from Mean Girls (2004), who has sparked a trend where TikTok creators imagine themselves in their own 2000s romantic comedy, experiencing a pivotal character moment where they realize that life isn't so bad after all!

For this trend, use this sound.

Tempting, But No... Thank You

The TikTok trend originated from a BookTok account that shared this video using a CapCut template in mid-February. Since then, TikTok creators have incorporated the audio from that video into their own content, sharing instances where they'd also respond with, "tempting, but no... thank you."

For this trend, use this sound or this CapCut template.

4 March 2024

Absolutely Not, Full U-Turn

The audio originates from the Between Us Girlies podcast, featuring Bran's story of deciding to leave a bar that didn't meet expectations. He says, "Absolutely not. Absolutely not, turn around. Full u-turn."

TikTok creators are utilizing this sound to illustrate situations where they would echo the same sentiment, whether directed towards someone else or as a reaction to a hypothetical scenario.


sometimes she complains that i dont talk to her abt my love life but like… come on

♬ Absolutely Not Between Us Girlies - Between Us Girlies

26 February 2024

If I Won The Lottery


It's a well-known belief that winning the lottery should be kept secret to avoid unwanted attention. Yet, if you were to win, there'd likely be obvious signs, like suddenly indulging in luxuries. This trend revolves around revealing these signs, from frequent sushi dining to purchasing homes for oneself and friends or buying every desired book. Creators typically begin with a photo of themselves, captioned "If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t tell anyone…", followed by a second slide showing how they'd spend the money, captioned "but there would be signs."

For this trend, use this sound.


20 February 2024

You Should Know This To

@cubecosplay How do you think i found my roomates? Trust it always works #quietkid #college #loudkid #pedropascal ♬ original sound - Sabrina

Pedro Pascal's appearance on ""Hot Ones", where he humorously admitted to having chicken stuck in his teeth, went viral with over 15 million YouTube views. His engaging moment, marked by a witty "You should know this too" as he turned to another camera, sparked a trend on TikTok. Fans emulated this moment, highlighting the show's unique multi-camera angle approach and Pascal's comedic timing.

For this trend, use this sound.


Like you’ll exprience it sooner or later 😭

♬ original sound - Sabrina

Salute, Salute

@girlbecomingthatgirl or do something you got a phone ban for at their age 💔 #oldestchild #siblings ♬ Salute (Official Music Video) - Little Mix

Derived from the hit song "Salute" by the disbanded British girl group Little Mix, this trend encourages women worldwide to unite, salute, and confront life's challenges together. With over 196 million views since its release nine years ago, the song continues to inspire.

On TikTok, creators utilize the track to acknowledge individuals who share similar life experiences, whether overcoming personal phases, heartbreak, or dealing with crappy customer service. Notably, Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix recently participated in this trend, adding to its popularity.

For this trend, use this sound.

12 February 2024

You Have Been Promoted


only a couple of them make it to this stage😭😂

♬ original sound - Ryan Blackwell

This trend features a sound bite from popular TikToker @mainlymannie, known for comedic skits portraying a deliberately cringe-worthy 'Boss and CEO' character. In the original skit, Mannie humorously promotes the cameraman after firing someone from a mundane task, with exaggerated corporate enthusiasm. Another user condensed this into a meme clip, leading to its widespread use by creators for humorous videos. TikTokers are using the sound in two ways: to 'promote' someone in their lives to a higher level of friendship, or to recall instances in professional settings where they've been promised exaggerated benefits.

For this trend, use this sound.

22 January 2024

Yes, And?

On the 13th of January, Ariana Grande released her new song "yes, and?" after 3 years of absence. Anticipating fan engagement, Ariana and her team have provided eight different versions of the song, including sped-up and slowed-down variations, catering to platforms like TikTok. This move reflects a shift where major music industry players create their own TikTok sounds to drive profits and chart performance. The song has sparked discussions, reviews, and criticisms on TikTok, evolving into a trending format. TikTok creators have embraced its sassy lyrics, using them to pose questions followed by the response, "yes, and?"

For this trend, use this sound.

15 January 2024

Silent Review

@izzysantulli silent review of viral makeup products i’ve tried! what do you wanna see next bestieee #fyp #beautytok #silentreview #makeup ♬ original sound - izzy

The 'Silent Review' trend originated from the #BookTok community. Here, passionate readers would arrange a pile of books, flip through them individually, and express their reviews solely through body language, facial expressions, and mimed actions.

In this trend, creators silently evaluate a product, look, or anything else they fancy. They can review beauty items, books, red carpet outfits, or even their own past styles. Simply add a text overlay saying 'silently reviewing ___' (whatever is being reviewed!), and then convey thoughts through gestures or any means that gets the point across.

@janyias_bookjournal I LOVE these videos so i decided to hop on the trend📚. #silentbookreviews #fyp #booktok ♬ original sound - BookTalkWith_Janyiaa

11 January 2024

You’ve Never Been to Heaven, Have You?

This trend is another easy-to-follow one for creators. Simply add a text overlay describing something that feels Heavenly to them and lip-sync to the lyrics from "Sweetest Pie" by Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa: "You’ve never been to Heaven, have you?"

For this trend, use this sound.

We're, Of Course

@achendricks Red head core👩🏼‍🦰👩🏼‍🦰 #weareredheads #ofcourse ♬ original sound - alexa hendricks

This trend is ideal for pairs. Choose a group or theme relevant to you or your brand, such as astrological signs, professions, hobbies, or family. Get creative! Each person takes turns filming the other, mentioning a common stereotype or characteristic related to the chosen group.


We’re sisters 👯‍♀️❤️

♬ original sound - Kayla Kosuga

Because it's Iconic

In this trend, participants lip-sync to audio provided by Kim Kardashian, reciting the words, "'Cause it's iconic. And I love doing iconic stuff." Pair this with a product or service, similar to how Rare Beauty demonstrates below, or incorporate a text overlay to depict an 'iconic' scenario.

For this trend, use this sound.

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