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Walking in Our Client's Shoes: Our Experience with Our Own SaaS Platform

October 22, 2023

Ever wondered what it feels like to be on the other side of the fence? We did just that. By becoming customers of our own SaaS platform, RAMDAM, the revelations were nothing short of eye-opening.

Building a tool isn't just about believing in its potential; it's about ensuring its real-world viability. With RAMDAM, a platform curated to foster smooth connections between brands and content creators for impactful social media campaigns, the true test came when we used it for our very own TikTok ad campaigns.

Diving into the platform as users, our journey was a mix of enlightenment and challenges. Just like you, we grappled with concerns: Is this investment truly yielding results? Are the content pieces up to the mark?

Ramdam dashboard

Truth be told, not every content piece lived up to our expectations. While some pieces left us wanting more, there were others that genuinely wowed us.

The hurdles? They were real. From creators missing the mark on the briefs to unexpected delays in content postings, the journey was peppered with moments of friction. And feeling that pinch, much like our clients might, amplified the experience.

Yet, amidst the challenges, the upsides were undeniable. These direct encounters forced us to evolve swiftly, innovate consistently, and foster a deeper connection with the needs and concerns of our clientele. The rewards? They were monumental, making every bump in the road worth navigating.

To every brand out there: Dive into your own products. Invest your resources, time, and trust in what you've built. The insights you'll gain from truly understanding the process from a client's vantage point are unparalleled. And remember, while some might question the rationale behind "paying ourselves", it's about much more than the money. It's about the intrinsic value that the creator's fee adds to the whole equation.

Bonus: To give you a glimpse into our journey, here's the top-performing creative we've had so far!

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